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Entry #1

First Post....................I'm not really good at this.

2013-07-03 19:19:47 by superscourge300


I'm superscourge300.....known by others as simply "The Scourge".
My real name's Callan btw. I'm 18 y/o...woo.

I'm still fairly new with Flash, and animating and all that...but I'm hoping I can kick things off with somethin'....interesting.
For instance:
I'm a huge Sonic The Hedgehog fan FYI.
I'm also a huge Phoenix Wright fan FYI.

So.. I wonder what would happen if I put them togeth-OHMYF*CKINGGODTEHUNIVERSEJUSTWENTKAPUTWOO OORD.
And that's my first project in a nutshell....yeah.

Worlds Collide! The Blue Blur meets Ace Attorney
A flash game, for which I'll be uploading a trailer for; quite soon.

I'm pretty excited. Be sure to check it out, and you might get a cookie.
If I'm feeling generous.


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2013-07-05 21:01:57

are there 299 more of you

superscourge300 responds:

Uh wha? :p


2013-07-11 17:59:34

because your super scourge 300.

superscourge300 responds:

Oooooh, I only just got that :p


2013-09-11 22:34:55

Hey man it's me, just wondering how the flash development is working out. I've just recently started a flash tutorial class, and this means I know how long it is just to put up like a 10 minute video. Anyway, just wondering how the flash is, again I'm excited to play it. If you don't remember me, I'm the person that asked for his OC to be the game.


2013-09-21 10:46:43

Dude I totally Support this Project, This is gonna be great, Did you know they're making a new Phoenix Wright game? It's also gonna be a cross world game for the 3DS with The Puzzle Master (Professor Layton) and The Ace Attorney, I'm expecting time game will be just like that but more Ace Attorney instead of Puzzles and Criminals! My Expectations are high but not too high This game will be great no matter what. <3


2014-09-11 13:14:46

Scourge-samaaaaaaaaa were waiting its been roughly a year right? So update maybe?